Frank Lampard erred with Diego Simeone's tactics and Mohamed Salah's comments in Liverpool loss - John Aldridge

Frank Lampard erred with Diego Simeone’s tactics and Mohamed Salah’s comments in Liverpool loss – John Aldridge

It was almost as if Diego Simeone tipped over at Anfield on Sunday afternoon. The tactics shown by Everton are what Lampard learned from Jose Mourinho at Chelsea: to fake an injury and slow down the game at every opportunity. It’s anti-football tactics, Mourinho did it and Simeone does it, but it’s fair if the Everton faithful will be happy to watch it.

You don’t mind teams defending, but I’m thinking of Alan Ball, Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall and all the great midfielders Everton have had over the years. Thiago has more assists than the entire Everton squad which is absolutely amazing. Liverpool had 85% possession, which had never happened in the derby before. Sam Allardyce got a draw a few years ago and even he managed more than that.

It was a bit of a shock to see Everton play this way, but if you want to go that deep to get a point, they have every right to do so. That’s how desperate Lampard was and he saw this as his best chance of getting a point at Anfield. I’m just happy that football won in the end.

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Richarlison was the main culprit for trying to scam the referee, but he does it all the time. Even the Evertonians I know are sick of it themselves – he frustrates them as much as everyone else. Richarlison has so much talent, just like Anthony Gordon, and there’s no need for the way they act on the pitch.

Gordon is a local guy, and I love local players who are successful at first-team level, but he needs to take those theatrics out of his game. He’s their best player by a mile and has so much to do to him. For me, the challenge between him and Matip was not a penalty. There wasn’t enough in it; Gordon felt a little contact and fell. He did it in the first half too and was properly booed for doing it. If he didn’t in the first half, maybe the referee took a look at VAR.

Lampard then claimed after the match that if it was Mohamed Salah who had gone down, he would have been awarded a penalty. But that’s just not true. If Lampard had watched a number of our matches, he would see how many times Salah has been ignored in incidents similar to that. For us to get a penalty with Salah, he has to be properly slammed. I thought the referee had a decent game, it was hard to deal with because of Everton’s antics. He made the main decisions well.

Frank Lampard has done Everton no favors with this performance, that’s for sure. The team only represent him on the pitch and it was definitely Chelsea style on Sunday afternoon. Chelsea did this time and time again when Frank and John Terry were together, Terry had a habit of dropping into the box despite being a big, strong centre-back. Lampard chose all the tactics used by Mourinho and it’s not the fault of the fans or the players, they had to do what the manager told them.

No one will want a rest from now until our last game

We have five cup finals in the league, three cup finals in Europe and one FA Cup final and every player will want to play every game. You don’t want to be left behind, the games are just too big now. You want the rest at the end of the season, take it from me.

On the training ground, you have very little to do at this stage. It’s just about keeping players sharp for matches. Klopp’s problem is with attackers and who starts. To balance us, Diaz needs to start on the left and Salah on the right, but that leaves a position for three players.


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