Real Madrid celebrate

Real Madrid are ‘aging’ and ‘arrogant’

Real Madrid are once again torn to shreds. The old knackers were ‘arrogant’ enough to deliver Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool squad speech for the final.

Aging market
Dave Kidd from The sun has a favorite line when it comes to Real Madrid. See if you can spot him in this match report from their 1-1 draw with Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final first leg last season:

“They possessed more energy and ingenuity than Real, often making the 13-time European champions look like what they used to be – an aging team.”

A little over a year later, Kidd is back in full force:

“When Manchester City imploded on a frenetic night at the Bernabeu, you can bet Klopp would have laughed into his beer.

“For while Real Madrid were magnificent in their belief and desire, the Reds boss will be confident his side can overrun Carlo Ancelotti’s aging side in the final in Paris three weeks from tomorrow.”

Mediawatch is willing to bet Klopp isn’t crazy enough to be ‘convinced’ that Liverpool ‘can invade’ a Real Madrid side that are 29 points clear of a Villarreal side that gave them an almighty scare in the semi-finals.

Moreover, the average age of the 17 players Real Madrid used in their second leg against Manchester City was 27.2. The average age of the 16 players Liverpool used in their second leg against Villarreal was 27.5. Real teenager Eduardo Camavinga helped change the game for Real and 21-year-old Rodrygo scored two of their goals. The Reds have called on the youthful legs of James Milner and Jordan Henderson to shore things up.

But go ahead and call Real Madrid ‘aging’ as 34-year-old Karim Benzema (43 goals in as many appearances this season) and 36-year-old Luka Modric are clearly over the hill and have passed it .

Bored score
Kidd is far from finished, notice:

“Football is sometimes unpredictable,” Guardiola said, after his team’s late collapse.

“But it’s not always unpredictable. City failed to buy the world-class goalscorer they needed last summer.

“And while it didn’t affect them in the vast majority of games, it certainly did in the first leg against Real at the Etihad when City dominated but only managed to take a lead. of a goal.”

If you watched Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-3 and were like, ‘Boy, they really need a striker’, so it’s nothing but annoying confirmation bias.

“It also affected them in the 2-2 draw at home to their only title rivals, when a poor finish saw Klopp’s men off the hook last month.”

Scoring twice at home and not winning is, again, probably a sign that something other than attacking is the problem.

“Guardiola laughs at it all, is bored and irritated by the repetitive nature of the interrogation – but it’s only repetitive because it’s true.”

“For a second consecutive season, City have no one in the top eight of the Premier League goalscoring charts.”

It sounds awful until you remember they won the Premier League title by 14 points in that first season. If only the current leaders had someone in the top eight of the arbitrarily quoted goalscoring charts this campaign, like Liverpool (2nd), Tottenham (5th), Manchester United (6th), Crystal Palace (12th) or Brentford (14th) ).

Manchester City have scored 135 goals in 53 games this season, at 2.55 per game. Liverpool have scored 139 goals in 57 games this season, at a rate of 2.44 per game. Considering that ‘City didn’t buy the world-class goalscorer they needed last summer’, they seem to be doing well in that department.

A reminder that “Guardiola laughs at it all, is bored and annoyed by the repetitive nature of the interrogation – but it’s only repetitive because it’s true”. Although this is clearly not the case.

Haa and mighty
And to complete the treble…

“Erling Haaland could change all that next season, but the Norwegian goalscoring machine is increasingly injury-prone.”

Sure, but he’s scored 28 goals in as many games this season. He is even in the top eight of the Bundesliga goalscoring charts. Manchester City have been chasing after Harry Kane’s notoriously robust last campaign, so he’s unlikely to hesitate to sign the best young striker in world football and come to terms with (or diagnose and fix) his injury problems.

A wish
More at Daily Mirror websitewe’re told ‘Mohamed Salah has to be careful what he wishes for after reveling in Real Madrid’s progress’.

Seems like an odd warning when all Salah said was that he understandably wants a chance to avenge Liverpool’s 2018 Champions League final loss. Let’s see why he ‘has to be careful’ in publicizing this to the public.

“As Liverpool are set to enter this season’s showpiece event in Paris as favourites, there can certainly be no team that is keen to take on Real Madrid.” Not only have they already won their 35th La Liga title in dazzling league success with four rounds of fixtures remaining – ensuring they can focus exclusively on the final – but their European exploits this campaign bode ill.

Look out, Mo. Turns out Real Madrid are good.

“Having knocked out Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City – all in spectacular fashion with remarkable comebacks in each showing their huge reserves of self-confidence and challenge – there can be no argument that they haven’t have not reached this final the hard way. No team is as remarkably sure of their own abilities as Real Madrid – to the point where their comebacks and ultimate success become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Seriously, Mo. Carry on. Real Madrid – really good.

“It’s a much stronger Los Blancos than the version that beat Liverpool in the 2018 final – that team had limped to third place in La Liga and were showing signs of regression from the seasons that took it Yet, with emerging talents such as Eduardo Camavinga, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes now all playing key roles, there is a different vibe and atmosphere around the club.

Liverpool, of course, are a much worse team than the one that lost the 2018 final. The vibe and vibe are terrible.

“Until Liverpool’s name is engraved on the trophy and Jordan Henderson raises it above his head, you can never, ever ignore Real Madrid in this competition.”

Probably a good job Salah never even came close to doing it back then. The guy wants the chance to atone for a devastating loss to the same side four years ago. He doesn’t want to play at Real Madrid because he thinks they’re crap.

pot of old shirt
The theme of Thursday’s report was general outrage to Real Madrid having his cheek bare to celebrate the Champions League final. If there’s one thing this season has taught us, it’s that it’s despicable to flaunt some sort of victory happiness, and the Echo of Liverpool hung on.

“What arrogant Real Madrid wore after the Man City win has already got the Liverpool team talking about Jurgen Klopp,” apparently.

“You could be forgiven for thinking that Real Madrid had in fact won the Champions League on Wednesday night after their over-the-top celebrations after knocking out Man City at the Bernabeu,” the article begins. You can almost hear Gabby Agbonlahor or someone say it on talkSPORT.

“Wearing pre-made shirts after the final whistle declaring, ‘All for number 14’, as they did after their semi-final win over Bayern Munich, who staged their 13th League win Champions in 2018, Los Blancos ran down the pitch, held hands, ran towards their cheering supporters and dove past them to celebrate their final final appearance. Anyone would think he has never reached such a stage before.

Here are those despicable shirts again. I can’t believe Real Madrid did exactly the same as the last time they reached a Champions League final. And given that Jurgen Klopp once commemorated a stoppage time equalizer at home against West Brom by rounding up his players to greet the fans on the occasion of a last-minute draw, anyone would think the ‘Echo of Liverpool is particularly obtuse when it comes to the importance of the relationship between a team’s players and their supporters.

“Of course you’d celebrate such a victory wildly, as Liverpool themselves did when they knocked out Barcelona against all odds in 2019. But having those ‘A por la 14’ shirts prepared, Real Madrid, at the very least , half expected to reach the final.Despite leading 4-3 on aggregate since the first leg, against one of Europe’s top teams, they were confident they would be in Paris on May 28.

It is around this stage that you can see the argument fall apart. The celebrations were “over the top” but “of course you would celebrate such a victory extravagantly”. And even Liverpool has specifically before. Moreover, Real Madrid ‘had to half reach the final’ because they had one goal less in total at home, are good enough and self-confidence is important.

‘Call it arrogance, call it confidence, you can perceive it however you want. But again, it seems disrespectful to Jurgen Klopp’s side ahead of their last encounter at the end of the month. Even the powerful Real Madrid does not have the right to be European champion.

It only ‘seems disrespectful alongside Jurgen Klopp’ if you squint incredibly hard and grab enough straws to build a giant scarecrow. They came from 2-0 down on aggregate to score two goals in the 90th minute and in stoppage time, then score a winner in extra time, all at home. What a surprise Liverpool didn’t celebrate in the same way after completing their comeback against Villarreal with half an hour to play away.

Klopp’s team talk is probably already sorted by the 2018 final. You really don’t need to reach that ridiculously to find inspiration in some t-shirts.

glove machine
‘Lingard trains at Man Utd in gloves after appearing to take a hit at the club’ – The Sun website bring us the latest news.


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