Under 23 Report |  West Brom 2-2 Wolves (5-4 paddocks)

Under 23 Report | West Brom 2-2 Wolves (5-4 paddocks)

James Collins’ Under-23s gave it their all in a spirited West Midlands derby double in the PL Cup final at the Hawthorns, but after being pushed from a winning position in extra time they were beaten in the shootout, despite Andreas Sondergaard saving three kicks from Albion.

It was West Brom who had taken the lead when Quevin Castro converted from close range, but Wolves had the perfect response when Lee Harkin nodded into Hugo Bueno’s precise cross. From then on the visitors dominated and thought they had won it in injury time, but Dexter Lembikisa was denied at the near post.

In extra time, it was another goal each, as the entertainment refused to stop. Bueno’s individual brilliance gave Wolves the lead for the first time as his solo run ended in a brilliantly drilled finish but Modou Faal headed home after a long throw to put the hosts back in the draw.

Thus, the tie went to penalties, which proved to be a step too far for Collins’ side. Sondergaard did what he could for the side with three big saves in the shootout, but after 16 penalties between them Wolves were unlucky as Christian Marques hit the crossbar and Ethan Ingram rolled in the decisive kick.

It was an atmosphere worthy of a final, with around 2,000 Wolves supporters returning to the Hawthorns for the first time in 11 years, and their support provided an invaluable experience for the youngsters, despite the early setback. Once Albion winger Tom Fellows came down the right, his cross confused the Wolves box, and Castrot edged Marques to spin under the crossbar.

The response was positive from visitors, however. Immediately after that disappointment, Chem Campbell pricked the palms of Ted Cann for the Baggies goal, while moments later Luke Cundle’s clever turn put him in an attractive position, but rather than shooting he took fed Campbell, who was unprepared and unable to submit. spell.

However, those chances were just warning signs, and on the half hour mark Wolves got their leveler. Bueno was played down the left, and once he looked up and picked Harkin perfectly in the middle, the striker did the rest, guiding his second header into as many games where he came from, at the beyond Cann.

Half time | West Brom 1-1 Wolves

The second half started as the first ended, with Wolves leading. 55 minutes were on the clock when Harkin picked up Caleb Taylor’s pockets and sent Cundle clean, but as he decided to shoot or pass to Yerson Mosquera’s straddle, Albion’s defense came back to block and secure that Harvey Griffiths’ effort would fail to hit the mark.

Campbell’s charges down the left were a second-period theme, but each time he got there he was pushed out before he got shot. Then, with time running out, the energetic Joe Hodge forced his way into the box and opted to pass rather than shoot and it came to nothing as Wolves’ physical condition began to show. with their rule.

Hodge was becoming increasingly influential as the game wore on and a charging run looked to create a dramatic stoppage time winner, but after slipping at Lembikisa the wing-back fired towards the near post and made spin his mighty drive around the post. , as the final moved into extra time.

Full time | West Brom 1-1 Wolves

Bueno has made a name for himself on the goalscoring front in recent weeks, but he saved his best for extra time in the PL Cup final. When the Spaniard won the ball back halfway through Albion’s half, little looked, but once he jumped between challenges he was in the area, and a pair of forwards earned him an added advantage, before the winger drilled low through goal and into the corner.

However, if Wolves thought the job was done, the second extra period showed that was far from the case. With a long throw, Albion won the first header through Taylor’s acrobatic effort and Faal bounced off the post to beat Sondergaard and level the final once more.

Few players on the pitch would have played at such intensity for so long, and over time it started to show. With four minutes remaining on the clock, Wolves raced forward with an attack led by Cundle, and as he played in substitute Meritan Shabani his reduction created an opening for Taylor Perry, but the midfielder shot on the fall.

Full-time to overtime | West Brom 2-2 Wolves


  • 0-1 | Campbell (WOL) scores
  • 1-1 | Andrews (WBA) scores
  • 1-2 | Hodge (WOL) scores
  • 1-2 | Malcolm (WBA) misses
  • 1-2 | Perry (WOL) misses
  • 1-2 | Richards (WBA) misses
  • 1-2 | Cundle (WOL) rate
  • 2-2 | Ashworth (WBA) misses
  • 2-2 | Shabani (WOL) misses
  • 2-2 | Faal (WBA) misses
  • 3-2 | Hubner Results (WOL)
  • 3-3 | Teixeira scores (WBA)
  • 4-3 | Mosquera (WOL) scores
  • 4-4 | Taylor (WBA) scores
  • 4-4 | Marks (WOL) rate
  • 5-4 | Ingram Results (WBA)


There’s another huge game on the horizon for James Collins’ side on Tuesday as they head into the play-off semi-final, where they host Norwich City at Molineux. The old gold ended the regular campaign with a win at Carrow Road, so they will want a repeat performance to help them into the final, where they face either Stoke City or Nottingham Forest.


West Brom | Cann, Ingram, Ashworth, Hall (Williams 117), Taylor, Nguepissi, Fellows (Richards 70), Teixeira, Faal, Castro (Malcolm 81), Andrews.

Unused subtitles | Richards, Hollinghead.

Wolves | Sondergaard, Lembikisa (Birtwistle 112), Bueno, Mosquera, Hubner, Cundle, Griffiths (Perry 74), Harkin (Shabani 96), Hodge, Campbell.

Unused subtitles | Tipton, Hesket.


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